WELCOME TO GARDEN SWAP | Are you Ready to swap?


Share food.

Build community.

Improve the environment.

A project of Cultivating Sustainable Communities

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First, find your city using either the search tool at the main page, or by clicking on the quick-link. Be sure to type in both your city and state.  Be specific for the city, not just using your metro area.

Click on the "Add New Listing" tab at the top right-hand side of the map. Complete the form  - you’ll need to submit your name, address and phone number.  You can always revisit your listing and edit.

Using our map is easy

Once you see the map for your area

Your listing might take 30 minutes + to show on the map.  For security, the listing will only show your street name and phone number - not your exact address.

This is the image your listing will show if you are sharing space.

This is the image your listing will show if you are looking for space.

To Edit your information you will need your email address to access you site info.


Info and Listing

Viewing Listings

You may browse through listings in your vicinity or throughout the state.  To do this, enter a city or zip code in the “jump” to field within the map area.

Click on the  image
to view information on the listing.  To continue viewing other listings just click on any section of the map outside of the listing box.